B/W Photo-addressable E-Paper : Liquid Crystal Micro -
Capsulation Technology and the E-Paper Application Systems

Naoki Hiji Advanced Devices & Materials Laboratory,
Corporate Research Group
Tsutomu Ishii same as above

We are developing a photo-addressable electronic paper (PAE-Paper) comprising cholesteric liquid crystal micro-capsule (CLC-MC) and organic photoconductor (OPC) for a new document media that has the same convenience as electronic documents. The contrast ratio has now been improved from 5:1 to 17:1 by developing a novel perpendicular anchoring CLC-MC, of which the shell aligns the liquid crystal molecules perpendicular to the inner surface. For the application, "Visual Index Card (VIC)" was developed, which is wireless IC card with a monochrome PAE-Paper display window. As the user can visually confirm the digital data in the IC tag, the VIC enhances the convenience of the IC card. Furthermore, the VIC is economical than conventional wireless IC card using thermal rewrite media because it has more than 10 times longer lifetime. Additionally, a novel document handling system using VIC was developed, in which one document on a file server was corresponded to the VIC. With this system, document handling such as moving files between personal computer and file server, and printing from the server can be done extremely easy.

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