ArcWizShare : Web Based Information Sharing System

Akira Sunada Service Platform Development,
Service Technologies Development Group
Yutaka Banjou same as above
Takaaki Kashiwagi same as above
Toru Miura same as above

ArcWizShare is advanced information sharing software, which has three features discriminating it from other software. First, it divides the management role by introducing "space." Each administrator can manage his or her own space independently of other spaces. Second, it makes use of "operation history" in addition to the documents themselves. Using operation history, end users can effectively share and utilize documents, while administrators can manage their space and/or the entire system. Third, it works in conjunction with devices and software that handle paper documents. Users can handle both electronic and paper document at the same time so that users do not have to change their business process.

We first describe an overview of ArcWizShare, then outline the features described above and technologies used to implement them. Finally, we show the performance of ArcWizShare.

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