Light Exposure System Using A Vertical-Cavity Surface-
Emitting Laser Diode Array

Nobuaki Ueki Optical System Business Development
Jun-ichi Ichikawa Marking Platform Development,
Technology Development Group
Chikaho Ikeda Key Technologies Development,
Technology Development Group
Hiroaki Tezuka Electrical Device Engineering,
Production Technology Group
Akira Ota Image Control System Development,
Office Products Business Group

Fuji Xerox developed a novel light exposure system using a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diode (VCSEL) array with 32 lasing spots, and realized the world first true 2,400-dpi resolution raster output scanner (ROS) for copy machines and multi-functional printer products. In this report, we described a newly developed VCSEL-ROS mainly focusing on a VCSEL array with reference to structural features, manufacturing process, and the quality of the printed image.

We have adopted a VCSEL, which is a Japan- originated semiconductor light emitting device and easy to fabricate in 2-D arrays, as a light source supporting high-speed and high-quality performance in our product. We are the first company in the world to launch VCSEL-based copy machines and printers into market. We believe that VCSEL-ROS technology should change the trend of electro-photography systems from the viewpoint of speed and resolution enhancement, and bring about innovation to eliminate the boundary between a copy machines and printing machines.

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