Flash Fusing Color Toner Technology

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Newly developed flash color toner technology has achieved good image quality with good fixing properties as well as wide color reproduction properties. A flash fixing method demands that color toner absorbs the light energy emitted from a Xenon flash lamp. However, color toner used in the heat roller fixing method cannot absorb light energy. Therefore, flash fixing color toner uses a near-infrared absorbent. However, there is no colorless near-infrared absorbent. As a result, it is difficult to achieve good fixing and wide color reproduction. This paper studies the relationship between the amount of light energy absorbed in the color toner and fixing properties.

As a result,

  1. Polyester resin is suitable for flash fixing because of less gas emission.
  2. Fixing property is proportional to the amount of light energy absorbed in the color toner.
  3. It is effective to combine two or more infrared absorbents in order to achieve a high quality color fixing image.

Using these technologies, wide color reproduction is achieved in spite of using near-infrared additives, and simultaneously a good fixing property is obtained at a printing speed of more than 900ppm.

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