Numerical Simulation of Development and Transfer
Process in Xerography Process

Nobuyuki Nakayama Key Technology Development,
Technology Development Group
Tomoyuki Ito same as above
Takeshi Nagao same as above
Hirokazu Mukai same as above
Nobuyuki Hirooka same as above
Tomohiro Seko same as above

Numerical simulation methods based on electromagnetic field analysis, particle motion analysis and structure analysis were developed on development and transfer process in Xerography system. The developer transport process, image forming process both in single-component and two-component development system, toner and paper behavior in transfer process can be numerically simulated using physical models. The validity of these methods were confirmed by the simulations on image defects occurred in these process, such as the spatial variation of image density, the lack of line images, and paper jam. The numerical methods are expected to contribute to the improvement of image quality and the construction of more effective product development process.

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