LightCollabo : Distant Collaboration Support System
Involving Real Objects

Tetsuo Iyoda Future Work Research Laboratory,
Corporate Research Group
Tsutomu Abe same as above
Kiwame Tokai same as above
Shoji Sakamoto same as above
Jun Shingu same as above
Hiroko Onuki same as above

"Open Office Frontier," which is the corporate vision of Fuji Xerox, aims to enrich communication and collaboration between globally scattered companies. The LightCollabo team works on facilitating remote collaboration involving physical objects, which is common among industrial companies. LightCollabo enables an operator at a distant location to view real objects and to project annotations on the objects. The operator can remotely point, draw, and annotate on the objects to enhance smooth collaboration. This report describes improvement efforts of the system made through our one-year trial experiment, and discusses future performance improvements and enhancements

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