DocuColor 5000 Digital Press
PX5000 Print Server

Nobuhisa Kato Controller and System Development,
Production Services Business Group
Kazuhiko Miura same as above
Kouichi Kawahara same as above
Ryuichi Ishizuka same as above
Kazunori Kurokawa same as above
Yasushi Nishide same as above

The PX5000 Print Server is a high-end multifunction controller, which succeeds the features of Print Server series for DocuColor 1256GA and Docu Print CG835. Many of the POD (Print on demand) features like imposition have been added, and DTP features like CMS and preflight are enhanced.

The PX5000 Print Server was launched in February 2007 for the DocuColor 5000 digital press and new software with variable print and many other feature enhancement has released on August 2007.

This paper outlines the product, features and technology.

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