Recycling of Phosphorous, Non-flammable Resin for
Enclosure Covers of Multifunction Office Machines

Ryuichiro Maeyama Design for Environment Group,
Technology Development Group
Makiko Yamanaka same as above
Sayaka Inoue same as above
Akira Imada same as above
Toshie Furuya Key Technologies Development,
Technology Development Group
Michiaki Yasuno Design for Environment Group,
Technology Development Group

To fireproof the enclosure covers of multifunction office machines and printers, resins composed of flame-retardant phosphorous compounds are used. At the same time, there is a demand for environmentally-friendly products, as certified by third-party organizations, which requires an increase in the ratio of recycled materials in the products. However, material recycling of resins containing phosphorous flame-retardants has barely progressed, because phosphate causes the degradation of the polymer.

In order to contribute to the development of a recycling-based society by using recovered enclosure covers as a resource, methods for preventing the deterioration of polymer characteristics in the recycling process must be developed. A technique for suppressing polymer degradation was investigated. As a result, a recycling technology was accomplished that improves both the molding and material properties of the recycled resin to the level of virgin resin.

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