FujiXerox Parts Recycle Activities And Reusable Technology

Hiroshi.Enamito Asset Recovery Management
Yasunori.Uemura same as above

In 1995, we advocated a policy to promote the reuse of resources toward reaching a zero-landfill status, and built a resource recycling system based on the idea that used items are not waste but are precious resources. Fuji Xerox has established a "Closed -Loop System" that reuses components of machines collected from our customers. The main technologies to support a closed-loop system are reuse design and reuse technology. Concerning the first technology, reuse design, a design method called recycling design guidelines standardizes longer life design, separation design, resolution design, and redundancy design. The reuse technology includes judgment of remaining life span, sorting, and washing. This makes it possible to use collected machines and parts as resources again. By utilizing recorded use-history information in the collected machines, was able to use each part of each machine depending on its use state, and it thus enlarged Fuji Xerox's recycling target.

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