Polymeric Electro-optic Multimode Interference Devices

Roshan Thapliya Advanced Technology Research Laboratory,
Corporate Research Group
Takashi Kikuchi same as above
Shigetoshi Nakamura same as above

In order to cope with the rapid evolution of working practices, which are increasingly becoming dependent on instant data transfer of high-quality images, Fuji Xerox is researching on next-generation optical waveguide devices that offer the capability of high-speed optical information processing and network flexibility. Our technology is based on multimode interference (MMI) devices that are fabricated on a polymeric electro-optic (EO) material system. These, so-called EO-MMI devices, have been demonstrated to provide robust modulation, switching and reconfigurable power distribution characteristics, which are key functions for versatile optical networking. This report describes the design, fabrication and performance verifications of some of these devices, namely speaking, the EO-MMI modulator and reconfigurable power splitter.

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