ROBAS: Real Organizational Behavior Audit Service

Manabu Ueda Future Work Research Laboratory,
Corporate Research Group
Masakazu Fujimoto same as above
Nobuhiro Yamasaki same as above
Yuichi Ueno same as above
Masamichi Takahashi same as above
Atsushi Ito same as above
Keiichi Nemoto same as above

In this paper we provide an overview of the real organizational behavior audit service (ROBAS) offered by Fuji Xerox and show the results of analyses. Management conducts an organizational reform in order to adapt the organization to changes in the market. The reform, however, seems to have a temporary and negative effect on performance because the goal takes time to achieve. Thus, if management could directly measure progress resulting from a change they have made in organizational behavior, they could avoid decision-making mistakes such as excessive interference or premature revision of a reform.

ROBAS is an organizational behavior analysis system that utilizes alternative indicators of organizational behaviors, such as human location data and/or several kinds of IT access logs. We introduce the results of an actual analysis of a major account sales department. In addition, we discuss the capabilities and issues of ROBAS as a service business.

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