ApeosPort/DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200
wins Eco Products Awards

Ryo Ando Device Development II,
Device Development Group
Shiro Suzuki Platform Strategy & Planning,
Product Development Group
Atsushi Hakamada Key Technology Laboratory,
Research & Technology Group
Kazuhiko Narushima Device Controller Platform Development,
Controller Development Group
Kenji Kuroishi Controller Platform Development V,
Controller Development Group
Kazumi Inaba Marking Platform Development,
Device Development Group
Seiichi Takagi Essential Components & Materials Development,
Marking Materials Technology Group
Ryuichiro Maeyama same as above
Yuichi Murayama Production Technology,
Standardization Management Group
Tomoharu Nonaka same as above
Masahiro Mori Device Platform Development,
Device Development Group

ApeosPort-III C3300/C2200 and DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200 are full-color digital multifunction printers that provide a print speed of 35 ppm and 25 ppm for both monochrome and color (for simplex/duplex) copy. These models won the 4th Eco Products Awards with the new platform engine that incorporates a variety of environmentally-friendly technologies. This report will introduce some of those technologies, such as, "Compact design", "Energy saving design", "Eco-friendly material" and "Quiet operation design".

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