Energy-Saving Technologies of DocuPrint C1100,
Energy Conservation Grand Prize Winning Product

Shinichi Sakai Device Development III Device Development Group
Naomasa Okimura same as above
Makoto Kanai Marking PF Development Device Development Group
Mikio Saiki same as above
Hiroshi Hayashi Controller PF Development III Controller Development Group
Takenori Obara Fuji Xerox Engineering Co., Ltd.Electrical Development Division
Shuichi Oe Controller PF Development III Controller Development Group
Kazuhiro Yoshino Device Platform Development Device Development Group

Attention to taking care of the "environment" is increasing. For example, there is rising concern about rapid climate changes due to global warming is often reported, and the a world-wide CO<sub>2</sub> reduction policy was discussed in at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit. CO<sub>2</sub>, which is thought to be the cause of global warming, is emitted by energy consumption when using a device itself and when manufacturing a device and the parts used for it. Therefore, energy saving in use of devices and downsizing of devices are the largest challenges for manufacturers to tackle for CO<sub>2</sub> reduction. Fuji Xerox has been working on to achieve environmental compliance of products for as long as more than ten years. This time, Recently, the company Fuji Xerox launched a color laser printer, model DocuPrint C1100 (DPC1100), that supports energy saving and downsizing, and this product won the Energy Conservation Grand Prize given by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ). This is the ninth consecutive year that Fuji Xerox products have won the Grand Prize, which shows that our environmental efforts are highly appreciated. This thesis introducesIn this report we describe the energy-saving technologies adopted in the DPC1100.

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