Fuji Xerox Digital Work Way
- Concurrent and Consistency Technology -

Shizuo Sagami Process Innovation,
Products Development Group
Masahiro Takahashi same as above
Satoru Inagaki Production Technology Group
Kazushige Hanasaka Manufacturing Program Management,
Manufacturing Group

Fuji Xerox has proceeded the middle term business reformation since 2004 with drastic innovation to encourage business growth. For the business growth, Fuji Xerox must provide the products without a brake not only for the domestic market but also for the global.

The current product development cycle including the planning, the design, the model manufacturing, the tool investments, the evaluation, the manufacturing preparation and the mass production must be changed to improve the term, especially with emphasis on the concept of "No Retrogression of Development".

This technical report describes the innovative processing activities between the development and the manufacturing as part of the "Fuji Xerox Digital Work Way". Our goal is to eradicate waste as "Retrogression of Development", Fuji Xerox has focused the previous activities of development on verifying product quality by using digital technology preceding actual model manufacturing.

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