Xerography Process Simulation
- Tools for frontloading design -

Nobuyuki Nakayama Key Technology Laboratory
Tomoyuki Ito same as above

This report describes xerography process simulation technologies for digital frontloading. Xerography entails using multi-physics involving phenomena with yet unclear mechanisms such as air breakdown, tribocharging and powder dynamics. Techniques for simulating these processes have been developed by the simulation research and technology group, and a simulator for each subsystem and each area has been constructed coinciding with a mechanical design aiding tool. Meanwhile, a system to support product designers utilizing simulation tools has been developed. The system consists of an integrator and GUIs of the simulators, and an online portal for PC clusters and simulation tools equipped with a high-efficiency parallel computation algorithm. These technologies, tools and system have been in practical use, and a remarkable decrease in the number of design changes and shortening of the product development period have been achieved in the latest production program.

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