Technology of sound source analysis and CFD for
development of low noise products

Yoshihiko Ichikawa Device Platform Development
Masayuki Enta same as above
Koji Udagawa Key Technology Laboratory

Fuji Xerox has been increasingly required to provide low-noise products, which means that we can offer customers amenities and a more comfortable environment in their workplaces. In addition, our products must comply with noise regulations such as the Blue Angel Mark. We have improved the process of developing low-noise products so that we can achieve the target of development efficiency and shortening deadlines. We depended on using prototype machines to reduce noise conventionally. In recent years we have made prototype machines after we reached the target noise level by utilizing a new method of analyzing the sound source, CAE and a database of countermeasures. Here we describe our new technology of sound source analysis and show some application cases of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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