Practical Use of Shock Simulation Technology for
Product Development

Shigeyasu Enomoto Product System Engineering
Toshiyuki Suto same as above
Koji Tsuda same as above
Takaaki Yoshida same as above

Fuji Xerox built the product strength and the package quality for physical distribution tests into products by utilizing simulation technology at the earliest possible development period. This has promoted the innovative change of physical distribution tests, from a test for quality building in prototype to one for quality assurance.

To establish the drop shock simulation technology, firstly dynamic material character such as expanded polystyrene was measured. Next shock acceleration was measured by a drop test with the test piece. After that, a simulation test same contents as the drop test was performed and its simulation parameter was adjusted by quality engineering so that the simulation value is coincident with the experimental value. As a result, the improvement of the simulation accuracy was accomplished.

This report describes the development method for our drop shock simulation technology and the example that applied the simulation technology to packaging engineering using product strength and expanded polystyrene.

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