Digital Innovation Process and Technologies for Molding & Parts

Masaaki Hagiwara Tooling & Parts Technology,
Production Technology
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One issue of production preparation that can improve development productivity and efficiency is to shorten TTM. we have strategically implemented mold internalization and are developing a Rapid Unified System for Mold Designing and Manufacturing.

The system allows us to realize short-term mold manufacturing with processes ranging from mold design to CAM, to assembly, and to measurement combined into the use of a 3-D system.

We have thoroughly standardized the information gained from our expert engineers' knowledge, experience, and intuition. The system allows us to fuse the engineers' knowledge with cutting-edge IT technology. Using this fusion, our tools can automatically detect malfunctions and perform routine operations based on our expert engineers' thinking processes.

In this document, we will introduce the technology of standardization and IT that accompany the Rapid Unified System for Mold Designing and Manufacturing.

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