Production Preparation Navigation Technology

Hiroshi Murano Process Innovation Group
Manufacturing Program Management Department
Motoyori Ohtsuka same as above
Takeshi Yanagisawa same as above
Shinji Kawanoue same as above

A challenge in production preparation when aiming at the improvement of development production capacity and efficiency is quality improvement and productivity improvement of work. As a result of our current conditions analysis, we found that unevenness in the engineers' skill levels was a main problem affecting work quality, and unevenness and inefficiency in procedures followed and the acquisition of work information were affecting work efficiency. Concurrent work innovation using mainly digital for 3D design early in the design process was also needed. To achieve these changes, a system constructed by Front Loading technology is also needed for the production preparations process reform.

In this report, we advocate process reform design of the production preparations department, and we introduce one of the improvements that Fuji Xerox promotes continuously. Here we explain the "standardization and the production preparations navigation systems construction of production preparations" to accomplish our goals and describe our future prospects.

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