700 Digital Color Press

Hidefumi Nishigai Product Development II,
Product Development Group
Masuko Kazuhisa Marking Platform Development,
Device Development Group
Toshiyuki Kazama Imaging Platform Development,
Device Development
Chiaki Suzuki Chemicals Technology Development Dept.
Marking Materials Technology Group
Katsumi Daimon same as above
Masanobu Ninomiya same as above
Masahiro Oizumi Product Development II,
Product Development Group

The 700 Digital Color Press uses the newly developed EA-Eco toner and provides high productivity of 71 PPM in full-color simplex mode (64 to 176 g/m2, A4 LEF). This machine is mainly intended for the Print On Demand market but is similar in size to multifunction machines for the general office market. Unlike office color multifunction products, the 700 Digital Color Press offers several functions to improve media capability such as front-to-back registration adjustment, auto duplex for media ranging from postcard size to 330 × 488 mm, feeding paper weighing up to 300 g/m2, curl correction for various types of media, and transfer level adjustment. This paper describes the market positioning and specifications of the 700 Digital Color Press, the characteristics of EA-Eco toner, and the technology used for media feed and registration.

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