High Image Quality Multi-Function Controller PX700 Print Server

Yoshiharu Hibi Imaging Platform Development Div,
Device Development Group
Nobuhisa Kato Controller Platform Development 1,
Controller Development Group
Kazuhiko Miura same as above
Takanori Okuoka same as above

Given the high speed and high image quality achieved by color laser printers, and the widespread proliferation of full-digitalized offset printing processes, color laser printers are now being used for various purposes, coupled with the possibility of wider application. Many features of the PX700 Print Server have been improved since its release in 2007 for the DocuColor 5000, and the fourth-generation PX700 Print Server is now available. New features were introduced in response to requests from the market, and image processing/CMS(Color Management System)have been optimized for the 700 Digital Color Press.

This paper describes an overview of the PX700 Print Server, its main features, and the technologies introduced.

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