Introduction to Technologies on ’beat’ service

Atsushi Fujimoto Solution Development,
Solution Group
Kazuhiro Suzuki same as above
Takeshi Ikeda same as above
Takahiro Sawada same as above
Kenji Kawano same as above
Yoichi Tsukahara same as above
Koji Takeda System Technology Laboratory,
Research & Technology Group

‘beat’ service is an all-in-one network environment outsourcing service. These days as the network environment becomes increasingly complex, highly advanced security measures are now required. Consequently, there are ever-increasing demands on network operation management. ‘beat’ service was developed to enable customers to focus their resources on primary operations, expand their businesses by utilizing the network, and streamline their workflows. Moreover, ‘beat’ service provides a secure and convenient network service using a powerful firewall within the beat-box in close coordination with servers on the Internet. This paper describes the features and methods of realizing beat/basic service and its main optional services. Also, the application utilization demands are expected to increase. This paper uses an example to detail the secure provision of services combining ‘beat’ service and applications.

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