Document Centric-Business Process Management

Yutaka Komatsu Solution Development,
Solution Group
Yasushi Itoh same as above
Toshiya Ohashi same as above

These days much attention is being paid to the Business Process Management (BPM) approach and solutions to meet a company's BPM needs due to various environmental changes now affecting corporations. BPM is a method of improving the business performance of an entire organization by continuously optimizing its business processes.

In many cases, however, continuous improvement sought by BPM is not achieved because the current BPM approach is based on implementing systems, thus posing certain issues with this approach.

This paper discusses actual examples of these issues and then describes our proposed solution: "Document Centric BPM," a new BPM approach where "documents" become the central hub of configuration elements. The paper also introduces a platform to realize this concept and gives some case examples.

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