ApeosWare Management Suite 1.0

ApeosWare Management Suite 1.0 (hereinafter "AWMS") is the service software to administer and utilize multifunctional devices and printers. It consists of the following four products:

  • ApeosWare Device Management
  • ApeosWare Authentication Management
  • ApeosWare Log Management
  • ApeosWare Print Management

Fuji Xerox has already provided similar service software products before, but found such issues as different operability and non-compatibility due to the independent nature of each software product.
To solve these issues, AWMS was developed to have about 70% common components with superior integrity and consistency.

This report describes the basic services of AWMS along with non-functional requirements common to architecture and systems.

Yoshiaki Hatano Software Platform Development Controller Development Group

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