"RealGreen" IH Fusing Technology that Achieves Both Energy Saving and Convenience

The new IH color-fusing device offers the world's fastest startup time of 3 seconds, achieving "RealGreen" -Fuji Xerox's aim to achieve both super-environmental and comfortable performance. This device incorporates such technologies as a low-heat-capacity fusing belt with a non-magnetic heating layer, and temperature-control technology using the magnetic characteristics of a temperature-sensitive magnetic alloy. The high-speed IH fusing device based on this device realized a high productivity of 50 ppm for color and 55 ppm for monochrome, although it takes 13 seconds for startup. It contains heat-storage parts along the inner side of the belt for temperature droop control. In 2009, ApeosPort-IV and DocuCentre-IV series, which incorporated these two technologies, won the METI Minister's Award of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize for the creative and excellent performance of their IH fusing devices. Furthermore, contribution to the global environment maintenance is appreciated, this fusing technology wins the highest award of "2010 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards".

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