Environmental Load Monitoring System - System to Increase Office Worker Eco Awareness

The need to cut greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming has been recognized worldwide. Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) receives the most attention among all greenhouse gases. In the office environment, the need to reduce CO2 emissions from the use of lighting, air conditioners, and printers has become inevitable. Many companies acknowledge this obligation, but the reality is that office workers find it difficult to actually realize how much CO2 emissions they generate. Therefore, we have developed the "SE-BizObjects Environmental Load Monitoring System." This system helps increase eco-awareness among office workers by visualizing each person's level of eco-friendliness on the device control panel of the leading products in our ApeosPort series.

This report describes the concept and features of the "SE-BizObjects Environmental Load Monitoring System."

Hiroaki Yamana Solution Office
Yoshiyuki Sano Solutions Project Management Division
Takahiro Sakurai TSM Center PS1G

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