Mobile Action Centric Service
"Work Style Innovation with Mobile Document Communication"

More companies are seeking to incorporate the use of smartphone and tablet devices in their approach to promote innovative work styles among their employees. Ensuring both "convenience" and "security" are the keys to successful document management in a mobile environment. By conducting experimental research using the "Human Centered Design" method and studying the idea of "Action Centric," Fuji Xerox has designed a new mobile service called Mobile Action Centric Service (MACS). MACS combines convenience with security by providing functions for "automated information collection," "push notification," the "scheduled sending/deleting of documents," and "advanced encryption." A survey of service technicians at Fuji Xerox revealed promising results showing that the service effectively aids technicians in autonomous decision-making and efforts for continuous innovation.

Ikutaroh Nagatsuka Incubation Center,
Research & Technology Group
Eriko Tamaru Human Interface Design Development,
Product Development Group

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