"RealGreen" System Technology that Achieves "Zero waiting time experience" even from Sleep Mode

Fuji Xerox is accelerating efforts toward realizing its "RealGreen" concept that combines lower global environmental impact, typically by conserving energy, with comfort and convenience at a high level.

By making the most of Fuji Xerox's potential in its environmental technologies, we have developed new "RealGreen" system technology that provides high energy efficiency and convenience, and applied it to new models of the ApeosPort-IV series and Docu-Centre-IV series. The technology allows for a virtually "zero-waiting-time experience" even in highly energy-efficient sleep mode. End users can thus use the models without any stress, even when they remain constantly in sleep mode.

This report introduces the system technology that realizes the "RealGreen" concept.

Masafumi Ono Controller Platform Development II,
Controller Development Group
Motofumi Baba Product Development & Program Management III,
Product Development Group
Kiyoshi Miki Human Interface Design Development,
Product Development Group
Kenta Ogata Imaging Platform Development,
Device Development Group
Susumu Yamashina Device System Platform Development,
Device Development Group
Seiji Honda Device System Platform Development,
Device Development Group
Shinichi Kinoshita Device Controller Integration Development,
Device Controller Development Unit,
Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology Co., Ltd

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