Simulation technology of paper curl in an electro-photographic printer

Fuji Xerox has made recent advances in its xerographic simulation technology and measurement / analysis technologies to help innovate the development process. In the domain of paper deformation, however, the mechanism is not sufficiently understood. Thus, there are hopes for clarifying the mechanism and establishing simulation technology. To clarify the mechanism of paper curl-an important issue in paper deformation-we established a method of measuring and analyzing the physical properties of paper. We also established two technologies to predict paper curl. One involves simulating paper curl to predict the amount of paper curl by estimating effects of the shape of the paper path. The other simulation technology predicts paper curl from the decurling capability based on structural analysis. By predicting the risk of paper curl with these technologies, labor hours have been drastically reduced.

Takashi Ogino Key Technology Laboratory
Tomoyuki Ito Key Technology Laboratory
Ryosuke Takahashi Key Technology Laboratory
Kiyoshi Hosoi Key Technology Laboratory

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