Denshi-Pen: Solution to Digitize Hand-Written Information

Denshi-Pen, a hand-written information input system that can easily and quickly convert hand-written information on paper into digital data, has been developed.
Denshi-Pen enables users to quickly digitize hand-written information using existing forms without changing the format and operations for such on-site work as production process management and maintenance/inspection where no computer access is available.
Denshi-Pen identifies the shapes and stroke order of hand-written text to achieve a high level of character recognition. Additionally, users can preset such specific information as names and addresses that must be entered on a form, and other items in each data field, thereby further improving the character recognition rate.


  • Hiroyuki Murase
    Product Development Promotion, Solutions Development, Solution Service Development Group
  • Hidekazu Aonuma
    Incubation Center, Research & Technology Group