Data Mining Technology Used for "TQMS-Uni" that Encourages Utilization of Big Data in the Market

In the field of ICT, the words "big data" are being commonly mentioned these days. Communication infrastructure has diversified from wired broadband communication for desktop computers to wireless communication of high-speed data using Wi-Fi and LTE for mobile terminals. Additionally, various cloud services have enabled the storage of large quantities of data from remote locations. Although large quantities of data can now be easily retrieved, transferred, or stored, many companies are struggling to make good use of the massive amounts of data. In response to this situation, ICT vendors are offering consulting and solutions for the better use of big data, for which data mining technology is expected to be the core technology. Fuji Xerox has been working on this issue from early on, and has implemented its technology through remote maintenance. This report describes the advances made in our data mining technology and the results of a trial conducted with another company to verify the applicability of this technology to various businesses.


  • Masayasu Takano
    Marking Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group