A Docking Window System to Increase the Ease of Digital Document Handling

When multiple windows are open on a computer screen, the user tends to have difficulty selecting necessary documents, and frequently needs to switch windows, resulting in low work efficiency. To resolve this problem, this report presents the Docking Window Framework (DWF), in which the user can construct a workspace for each task by connecting multiple windows via a user interface called docking, thereby allowing the user to connect windows just like connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces. Using this feature, the proposed DWF can support multitasking, a process that entails switching between tasks. To confirm the effectiveness of DWF, we conducted two experiments using DWF and a traditional window system. The first experiment consisted of window arrangement tasks, and the second experiment consisted of window switching tasks. The results showed that the participants needed less time to complete the tasks in both experiments when using DWF, thus suggesting the effectiveness of DWF.


  • Hirohito Shibata
    Communication Design Office, Research & Technology Group
  • Kengo Omura
    Communication Design Office, Research & Technology Group