Dr. Lawrence A. Rowe
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc.

From its founding in the early 1960's, Fuji Xerox has provided products and services to support document management and communication. Sharing information by delivering document copies to people improves communication between them. At the end of the twentieth century three changes produced significant changes that impact documents and communication: 1) the globalization of production and markets, 2) the development of the Internet, and 3) the transition from paper to electronic documents. Globalization creates a need to communicate with people at a distance; the Internet provides a new delivery mechanism for information and business processes; and, electronic documents changes the way people share information. Fuji Xerox must re-invent the products and services needed by people and businesses in this new world.

This 2014 issue of the Technical Report features "Technology that leads to creating new value in communication" and contains eight featured papers that describe research conducted by Fuji Xerox and FX Palo Alto Laboratory to address problems created by this new environment. Topics covered include:
1) an algorithm to modify design elements to improve customer response to a promotion,
2) a service to scan a document and print a translation of the document into another language,
3) a smartphone application to provide self-guided audio tours,
4) an application and cloud service to simplify the creation of expository (i.e., show how) videos,
5) a lecture webcasting system to improve learning outcomes in educational settings,
6) a meeting capture system that incorporates indexes to identify speakers and activities,
7) a laboratory for collaborative problem solving, and
8) an algorithm to analyze customer sentiment (opinions) in social media (e.g., tweets).
Some of these technologies are already incorporated into Fuji Xerox products. Other technologies are being tested in practical work in Fuji Xerox (called "genko-ichi") and proof-of-concept trials. Predicting which research will lead to new businesses is always difficult. However, investing in research and conducting customer and product trials is an important step in reinventing the future.

We hope you enjoy reading the featured papers in this issue. We look forward to further discussions that will accelerate the development of new products, services, and technologies to improve communication.

Lawrence A. Rowe