The Public Print® Service, a Cloud Printing Service for Use in Public Spaces

In order to encourage the development of our business providing services in public spaces, Fuji Xerox launched a series of multifunction devices in February 2013 intended for use in public spaces (DocuCentre-IV C4475 A / C3375 A / C2275 A). At the same time, we also launched the Public Print Service, a cloud printing service to be used with these devices.
This paper explains the functions of the Public Print Service that were designed specifically to provide the service in public spaces, as well as the important points of its system's design. In addition, this paper also describes Public Print Loco, a new feature for location partners (owners of the multifunction devices) offered from October 2013. The paper gives an overview of Public Print Loco's features and describes examples of ways in which it can be effectively utilized.


  • Kazuteru Daimon
    Solutions Development, Solution Service Development Group