Scan Translation: A Service for Active Multi-Language Communication

Along with accelerated economic and cultural globalization in recent years, documents written in languages other than the readers' native one are increasingly being used in various business scenes. To support this practice, many machine translation services that translate various languages are being offered and used. However, in order to use such services for printed materials such as booklets and handouts or for digital documents that lack text code information, users must undertake the cumbersome task of typing in the text to be translated. To address this situation, Fuji Xerox is offering a cloud service called Scan Translation Service. This service can translate paper and digital documents "seamlessly" without changing the document layout. This paper introduces the software technology that enables the main features of Scan Translation Service, as well as the effects that this service has on streamlining the workflow and supporting communication between people that speak different languages by sharing one document.


  • Masahiro Kato
    Incubation Center, Research & Technology Group
  • Koichi Fujii
    Incubation Center, Research & Technology Group