Noise Reduction Technology—Our Flagship Technology for a Comfortable Environment

Fuji Xerox embodies a concept called RealGreen in its technology, products and services that provide convenience to customers, while maintaining good environmental performance.
We are striving to develop technology that achieves true convenience, comfort and environmental compatibility, and launch products that encompass this concept. A product being "quiet" is one of the keys to developing "comfortable" products. In order to achieve very quiet office environments during print, scan and copy operations, even during high-volume operations, we have developed new noise reduction technology that has successfully reduced noise levels generated by the automatic document feeder, the printing unit, and the finisher of multifunction devices, and implemented the technology in our ApeosPort-V series. This paper introduces our noise reduction technology.


  • Masayuki Okada
    Device System Platform Development, Device Development Group
  • Yoshitaka Nakajima
    Advanced Marking Platform Development, Device Development Group
  • Akira Yamazaki
    Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Kouichi Kumeta
    Device System Platform Development, Device Development Group
  • Naoki Isozaki
    Parts & Material Technology and Development, Production Technology Group