Technology for the Document Solution that Innovates Work Processes

It is important for manufacturers to manage document information as records of their work processes. Simply making rules for storing documents only increases the burden of people dealing with them, however, without developing a continuous practice. We therefore developed technology that enables a more efficient work flow as well as storing documents, so that people can keep and store documents as part of the work process improved by using a document information management system. For instance, this system provides a way to visualize the work progress and customize the users' own folder structures by considering their positions and roles. We also devised a management system to utilize the knowledge accumulated by each organization and recorded in documents. The concept of our document solution consists of three steps: storing documents, utilizing them for work, and maintaining them as knowledge. This paper presents the technology with actual problems that we solved by using systems based on our document solution concept.


  • Hiroshi Katsurabayashi
    Solutions Development, Solution Service Development Group
  • Junko Hiromori
    Solution Service Planning and Administration