"Versant 2100 Press" Offering New Values for the Expanding Digital Printing Business

In 2000, Fuji Xerox released the Color DocuTech 60 — a print-on-demand digital press intended for graphic customers — and has since led the digital printer market.
As materials printed by digital printers have become popular, many companies entered the digital printer market, resulting in intensified competition. In such a situation, Fuji Xerox focused on a point of customer demand for high cost-effective products, and launched a new print engine (Versant 2100 Press) and a new controller (GX Print Server), both of which introduce technologies for realizing the performance of high-end digital printers at the size and price of an entry model. This paper introduces the major technologies used in the Versant 2100 Press and GX Print Server.


  • Takayoshi Suzuki
    Product Development & Program Management I, Product Development Group
  • Yasuhiro Oda
    Marking Platform Development I, Device Development Group
  • Toshinori Sasaki
    Marking Platform Development I, Device Development Group
  • Kazunori Kurokawa
    Controller Platform Development I, Controller Development Group