RGB Workflow Color Management Service

Color management technology deals with two different areas: printers used in printing and design, and displays. The recent progress made in digitization in the manufacturing industry has changed the usage of such devices as large displays and projectors, which are now utilized for design work. However, digitization is still hampered by mismatching color between devices. Fuji Xerox has therefore developed a new technology aimed at creating a consistent environment to achieve color reproducibility equally on a wide range of devices. This technology consists of a gamut mapping algorithm focused on visual properties, modeling technology, and consulting technology that optimizes customer environments. This paper introduces examples of workflow based on the RGB Workflow Color Management Service, which can provide such new value as an unprecedented level of digitization, slashes in total cost, and a brand-new style of working.


  • Noriko Sakai
    Imaging Platform Development, Device Development Group
  • Toshihiro Iwafuchi
    Imaging Platform Development, Device Development Group