Compact and Lightweight Inkjet Continuous Feed Printers Delivering High Speed

Digitization has revolutionized workflows in the printing industry by allowing variable-data and on-demand printing. For continuous feed printers, there is demand for color, high speed, low running cost, and medium print quality, and as a result inkjet technology is considered to be especially suitable. Fuji Xerox has introduced two continuous feed printers: the 2800 ICCFPS, which prints 200 meters per minute with a consolidated, compact design prioritizing high speed, and the 1400 ICCFPS, which prints 100 meters per minute with a distributed, lightweight design prioritizing cost reduction. This paper explains the technologies used in both, classifying their structures into four groups: 1) paper feeding/drying, 2) printheads, 3) inks and ink handling/maintenance, and 4) controllers. This paper then explains the required characteristics of each of these and the technologies used to deliver them, as well as describing advances in inkjet technology, discussing the speed limits of jetting, technology for drying water based ink, and expansion into the printing market.


  • Naoki Morita
    Marking Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group