A Project to Restore Traditional Documents of Kyoto and the Digital Printing Technologies That Make It Possible

The city of Kyoto is a rich reservoir of Japan's history and culture, the value of which it continues to convey to the world. In a CSR project initiated by Fuji Xerox Kyoto with the theme of handing down traditional culture, Fuji Xerox's copy machines and related technologies are being used to create reproductions of historical documents owned by old estates, temples, and shrines, enabling them to be put on public display or used as originally intended, thus allowing their true value to be appreciated.
This project to promote communication across the ages is linked to our corporate mission of "building an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge" and was made possible through the cooperation of the local community. Sharing the excitement born through this project with others has allowed further progress to be achieved.
This paper introduce this project, which continues to gain momentum and overcome challenges while inspiring customers, explaining its inception, concept, processes and technologies used, and future plans.


  • Hideki Kimura
    Imaging Platform Development, Device Development Group