Design for 'Delivering Documents' Based on the Observation of Handwork with Paper

Work processes are now being computerized and automated using ICT, but office workers continue to use a huge amount of paper. In order to learn why they continue working with their hands on paper, and to propose possible solutions for them, the authors of this paper explored the document work in their office based on the Human-Centered Design method. In the process, the designers responsible for leading HCD also organized participatory design involving users, the business planning division, engineering division, and field staff. As a result, we created a new service for delivering documents visually using virtual trays.
These virtual trays, which are similar to physical stationery, can be used flexibly and connect people and systems. This paper describes the insights obtained from observing office workers, and the process of designing a solution into business.


  • Masako Kitazaki
    Human Interface Design Development, Product Development Group
  • Kimitake Hasuike
    Human Interface Design Development, Product Development Group