Bandwidth-Allocated Rich Media Delivery Technology

Recently, with the proliferation of mobile devices and rich-content media, there has been a surge in the data traffic resulting with available bandwidth crunch, frequently resulting with lowered user experience such as video stalling and halted-downloads of images and rich content documents. Fuji Xerox has developed AdapComm, which estimates and allocates the available bandwidth for streaming or downloading. This technology dynamically probes the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) packets and derives the bandwidth online. The information is then sent to the server to adaptively change the data transmission such that the user can view the desired media without having to wait or be concerned with the download media stalling in the middle. We have found that by doing so, we can enhance the Quality of Experience (QoE) even in highly fluctuating networks, such as wireless networks.


  • Roshan Thapliya
    Incubation Center, Research and Technology Group

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