Cloud On-Demand Print: A Printing Service to Support New Working Styles

The presence of smartphones and tablets has increased significantly in recent years, and with the business environment being no exception, these mobile devices have come to be used across a wide range of work activities and interactions, just as with computers before them. Together with this spread in use, however, develops an increasing need to be able to print from these mobile devices. Fuji Xerox is responding to these emerging work needs–be they printing on the move or at one's destination, or sharing the use of multifunction devices between businesses–through its provision of Cloud On-Demand Print, an on-demand cloud service designed to support smooth progress in business operations and interactions. This paper explains how the Cloud On-Demand Print service is provided and the features that it contains. It then discusses the merits and demerits associated with cloud services, and lastly, outlines several use cases from work styles we envisage will emerge from the use of this service.


  • Kazuteru Daimon
    Solutions Platform Development IV, Solutions Development, Solution Service Development Group