Color 1000i Press

Color 1000i Press is a xerographic color on-demand publishing system with a printing speed of 100 pages per minute. This product inherited features from Color 1000 Press–a well-received product in the production printer market–to achieve good image quality close to that of offset printing, as well as high registering precision. Moreover, special color toners such as metallic toners (gold and silver) are also optionally available, thereby extending the system's range of expression even more. As for a print server, PX 1000 Print Server 3 has been adopted. This print server is brand-new hardware installed with the latest server software for faster processing speeds with improved image quality and features. This paper introduces the major technologies adopted for Color 1000i Press and PX 1000 Print Server 3.


  • Atsushi Minoda
    Product Development & Program Management I, Product Development Group
    and six other members