The Kokorozashi Project: Connecting Universities with Companies to Cultivate Local Human Resources

In recent years, community revitalization initiatives have been gaining attention. For this revitalization to occur, stakeholders such as residents, municipalities, companies, and educational institutions must work in cooperation, and it becomes vital to reinvent the communication tying communities together. In an effort to fulfill Fuji Xerox's aim of creating new value in the area of communication while providing digital presses and related software and solutions via our production service business, we participated in the "Kokorozashi Project," which began in Tokyo's Tama area before expanding throughout Japan. Meaning "Aspiration Project," this human resource cultivation effort, which involves local university students creating brochures themselves for local companies, enables local universities, printing companies, financial institutions, and Fuji Xerox to work together to help connect local companies with students and promote shifts in students' awareness, attitudes, and actions regarding employment. This paper describes the details of the project as well as future plans.


  • Mitsuhiro Masukawa
    Marketing, Sales Planning, Production Services Sales & Marketing Group
  • Yuna Togita
    Marketing, Sales Planning, Production Services Sales & Marketing Group