Mirai Zukuri: Designing the Future of Communities Using Communication Technology

In a joint effort by Tono City, which provided assistance to the areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake by serving as a logistic support center, and Fuji Xerox, which has been continuously supporting reconstruction efforts in those areas, Tono Mirai Zukuri College (Tono Future Creation College) was launched as a space for learning through interaction that goes beyond the frameworks of public and private organizations. In 2014, the college was visited by approximately 4,000 people from both inside and outside the region aiming to learn. About 1,800 of these visitors stayed at private homes, mainly farmhouses, thus encouraging interaction between people within the city. In 2015, we began three key programs focused on "interaction," "living and culture," and "industry creation," and have held continuous dialogues and discussions with the aim of generating new business and employment. This paper introduces the establishment of the college, its ongoing projects (Mirai Zukuri activities), and the process of management for creating the future of communities.


  • Kunishi Higuchi
    Innovative Revitalization Group, Sales Planning
  • Kazuya Endo
    Innovative Revitalization Group, Sales Planning