Highly Reliable Long-life Drum Unit

For the purpose of preventing global warming and creating a low-carbon society, multifunction printers must now be able to ensure both energy efficiency and user-friendliness. In response to these requirements, Fuji Xerox introduced its color multifunctional printer series-ApeosPort-IV C2270/C3370/C4470/C5570 and DocuCentre-IV C2270/C3370/C4470/C5570. In this article, we explain the technology adopted in these series products to make xerographic drum units more reliable and longer lasting. In developing this technology, we investigated the wear mechanism of drum units through visualization of the photoreceptor cleaning process, numerical simulation, and material analysis. This investigation led to optimization of the parameters affecting the service life of a drum unit, consequently doubling the current service life. We have sold more than one million products of the above series worldwide, thus contributing to both lower CO2 emissions and improved customer convenience.


  • Nobuyuki Nakayama
    Key Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group
  • Kazuhiko Arai
    Advanced Marking Platform Development, Device Development Group