ApeosPort-VI Multifunction Device Series: Achieving Diversity in Work Styles Through the "Smart Work Gateway" Concept

The ApeosPort-VI / DocuCentre-VI C7771 / C6671 / C5571 / C4471 / C3371 / C2271 multifunction device series by Fuji Xerox was developed to achieve the following: (1) enable diverse work styles in which all members can maintain high productivity, (2) function as an integral part of Fuji Xerox's new "Smart Work Gateway" concept which supports companies in reforming the ways they and their employees work, and (3) seamlessly coordinate the managing and sending of information between communication devices and various cloud services. In order to realize the "Smart Work Gateway" concept, it was necessary that our multifunction devices undergo evolution on a large scale. For this, four important focus areas were identified—solution, smartness, stability, and sustainability. These "4S" focus areas were key in defining the development direction toward the next-generation platform, and required overhauls in product appearance as well as incorporation of the latest technologies into our products. This paper introduces the "Smart Work Gateway" concept, an overview of the products, and the key technologies supporting the product concept.


  • Taro Masuda
    Office Products Development I, Office Products Business Group
  • Yasuto Okabayashi
    Office Products Development I, Office Products Business Group

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