SkyDesk Mixed Learning: A Cloud-Based Human Resource Development (HRD) Support Service

At Fuji Xerox, we have been working to enhance our human resource development (HRD) for a long time. Especially since 2002, we have been making great strides in increasing the general knowledge, problem solving abilities, and technical knowledge of training participants through the integration of e-learning and classroom training. This achievement was made possible with our own original HRD support system, which we created through trial and error. Based on this system, we have developed SkyDesk Mixed Learning, a cloud-based HRD support service. The main features of SkyDesk Mixed Learning are as follows: (1) the HRD support system, with which participants' learning can be managed and administrators can create courses, (2) an easy authoring tool which allows administrators to create e-learning content, (3) our training courses, which have offered our employees practical knowledge that can be utilized in their work, and (4) the integration of paper and digital documents, which allows paper documents such as tests and surveys to be scanned, registered to the service, and distributed to participants via MFPs. By providing this service equipped with such useful features, Fuji Xerox aims to support HRD, which is of utmost importance for a company's survival and growth. This paper describes each feature as well as our future plans for SkyDesk Mixed Learning.


  • Kengo Shinozaki
    Business Development Center, Cloud & Mobile Business Development
  • Shingo Natsume
    Business Development Center, Cloud & Mobile Business Development